Tuesday, June 10, 2014

just know that...

 I think i can do it,
 No i must do it,
 But it always wanna pop up,
 My real self My inner self,
 Its not that i wanna cover my lack,
 But to meet expectation of what i've know,
 Many times i held the deep breathe and go on,
 Alone with shadows around me,
 But wait,
 Am i the shadow of these people,
 Ah that's the truth,
 I hate them to forget my foolness,
 I expect them to be perfect while i'm not honest,
 Again,my ignorance,
 Everytime my steps so small and hesitates,
 Somestime i myself feel frustrated,
 Shouting hard, only my eyes hear it out,
 Then i tell myself,
 Don't worry,He is perfect,
 He is very patient for ur finisher step,
 He knows even u don't shout,
 So don't feel left out,
 As long u have Him...